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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  1. 1. What can you find on FindYourBets?

  2. Find Your Bets is a website which displays prognostics for tennis matches for a time slot of four days.The tips are calculated by using an artificial intelligence algorithm.

  3. 2. How much should I pay for the tips?

  4. On, all the tips are free, so you are not supposed to pay anything.

  5. 3. How can you interpret the tip?

  6. You will find near every match a column entitled 'Tips'. If the value of this column is 1, the first player is considered to be the potential winner and if the value of this column is 2, the second player is considered the favourite. Next to the tip, there is an additional value, (9/10) for example, which represents the confidence of the tip.

  7. 4. What does 'Bankers' section contain?

  8. The 'Bankers' section from the first page represents the matches which have the highest confidence(minimum 5) in that day and an odd greater than 1.09.

  9. 5. What does 'Value Bets Of The Day' section contain?

  10. The 'Value Bets Of The Day' section contains the matches whose predicted winners are the ones with the higher odd. This means the matches where the outsiders are considered more likely to win.

  11. 6. What does 'Risky Favourites' section contain?

  12. The 'Risky Favourites' section contains the matches where players who have an odd to win lower than 1.4 have a confidence rate lower than 4, so they might not win.

  13. 7. How can I bet on FindYourBets?

  14. You cannot place bets on FindYourBets. We only offer statistics and tips for tennis matches.

  15. 8. How often are the matches updated?

  16. On, matches get updated, usually, every 1,5 hours.You can see the livescore by accessing the Livescore section available on our website.

  17. 9. Can I post the tips/statistics from findyourbets on other websites?

  18. No, publishing the content provided by violates our Privacy Policy.

  19. 10. What is the time zone used for the matches?

  20. We are using the London time.

  21. 11. How can I contact FindYourBets?

  22. Please contact us on our email address: